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Ocean Pours Taproom Raises $600 for the Food Bank!

Ocean Shores is a community that rises to the occasion. Chris Shifman, co-owner of Ocean Pours Taproom recently proved that true, raising $600 to help feed those in need. This is his story, by Gary Josephson, Roving Reporter.

Interview with Chris Shifman, co-owner Ocean Pours Taproom

Q: What brought you to Ocean Shores to start Ocean Pours Taproom?

A: My business partner (who is also my Godfather) owned some condos and a beach house out here. We would come regularly and there just wasn’t a taproom like this. There were fun places to go and have a beer, but there was no kind of beer destination – and we’re both beer geeks! It really was a “Mohammed and the mountain” situation, where we just got tired of waiting for someone else to do it. We kept seeing this specific spot, saying wouldn’t it be great if someone put a taproom there. So I just took the plunge; that was almost two years ago.

Q: How did you hear about our Food Bank and what prompted you to start raising money for it?

A: Chuck Anderson told me about the Food Bank. (Chuck runs Beach Tyme Quilts with his wife Gail.) He ran for City Council recently and is very active in a number of local charities, both hands on and with donations. Chuck explained the Food Bank to me and told me about their needs.

Q: What items did you sell or specials did you offer to raise the $600?

A: We pick a charity of the month – it’s always something local or regional – and we take our first three taps (see above photo, left hand side), regardless of what beer is on them and give 50 cents off of every pint and a dollar off of every growler to that charity. We also have a collection bin for spare change. It’s the employee’s policy that their tip coin goes in there too. We paired up with our printer, making shirts with some kind of social distancing joke on it. Instead of having people standing so many feet apart, our particular shirts (which can still be ordered at have beer cans or beer kegs standing so many feet apart. All of the proceeds, short of shipping, went directly to the Food Bank. A lot of people liked them and it fit in well with our general aesthetic of keeping it light. Especially in these times, we’re trying to keep it a little humorous. Keep it beer-centric, because we’re all about the beer!


You too can help our many friends and neighbors in need. It’s easy, just click on the links below to donate or sign-up for our newsletter.

>>> OSFB DONATE TODAY – click: DONATE TODAY or send your check to Ocean Shores Food Bank, PO Box 1293, Ocean Shores, WA 98569.

>>> OSFB NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP – click: NEWSLETTER SIGNUP and learn more what you can do to help reduce food insecurity in North Beach.

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