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Sharon Thompson – Mural Maker & Food Bank Guest

Sharon Thompson is an amazing artist, whose work has been displayed in the White House, Home Depot, and the Ocean Shores Food Bank. Although Sharon lives in Aberdeen, she regularly comes to our Food Bank because of its people. Here is her story, by Gary Josephson, Roving Reporter.

Q: How does Ocean Shores Food Bank compare with Aberdeen (your home) in providing food distribution?

A: It’s terrific. You not only get food that sustains you, but you get fun. You get love, you get friendship. There’s a lot of good camaraderie. It’s just the best, the top of the line. All the volunteers, every one of them, have been absolutely wonderful. It comes from their hearts; it doesn’t come from anywhere else. That’s why we love coming here. It just adds to the beauty of the whole thing. It touches people’s hearts as well as their bellies. (Laughter)

Q: How has COVID-19 affected your daily lives, including food availability?

A: It really hasn’t in many aspects. The Food Bank sustains us in food ways, but it’s beyond food. We don’t miss anything else, except when we used to sit at the Food Bank and talk. That’s the only thing we miss. That was the greatest social hour there ever was. That and church are the two times where people can really open up and laugh and love and share. It just glowed in the dark, it was so beautiful! COVID is making us wake up and realize the value of people, the value of love and the value of friendship!

Q: How has our Food Bank helped during the pandemic?

A: It’s made us comfortable in the sense that there’s no want, no need, no deficit. We don’t fear COVID, but have learned to adapt, wearing these masks to protect yourself and others around us. That’s what it’s all about, to care enough to do that.

Q: I know you work with children during the summer months. What does that entail and how did you get involved?

A: I used to belong to a church in Spokane that was very open to working with kids. What can’t you love about kids? Sure they’re little troublemakers at times, but kids are kids. We take them on long hikes, wear them out and let them see nature. Nature is one of the best learning tools there is.

Q: You’ve made murals for the Food Bank. Who else have you made things for?

A: I have murals half way around the world. I’ve made murals for a ball winder company in England. There are murals in Scotland and Germany. I’ve done some murals for Home Depot and Staples here at home, depicting what their company is selling. For President Bush I did a small red, white and blue recycle bin, which had a lid and wheels that worked – it was about four or five inches across. I put in some candy canes (made in Seattle) and some locally grown mistletoe. He liked it so much that he took it with him to Texas!

Q: Is there a favorite Food Bank moment you would like to share?

A: There’s been so many! When I gave the Food Bank their mural, everybody was kind of in awe, because it’s so different. The mural is made from regular plastic bags. I cut them in strips and then crochet them together. This one is white, with the words Food Bank on it. Then it has the grocery bag, with two people on either side of the bag. It was fun to do, as every mural is a challenge and you’re not sure just how it’s going to turn out!

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