Pets and Books:

We also provide pet food and children’s books.

Knowing how important pets are to our guests, through designated funds we offer dog and cat food to our furry friends.


We strongly believe that literacy is an important key to alleviating poverty and hunger.  Thanks to designated cash donations and many used book donations, over 2,000 books were provided to children this last year.

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What We Do

Where do our donations come from and how are those funds spent?

During our most recent year, over 80% of our financial donations came from individuals and families with the balance derived from businesses and community organizations. Out of those donations, we were able to purchase 23 tons of food, as well as pay the rent, utilities, insurance, and other administrative expenses.

Number Served:

The following are some statistics to help you understand the scope of our mission:

  • Households Served: 5,000+ Households

  • (Averaging 170 per distribution)

  • Individuals Served: 13,500+ individuals
    (2% infants, 18% children, 45% adults, and some 35% seniors)

  • Emergency Food: Averages 50+ households per month

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