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Board of Directors

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Bob Harley, President Emeritus

I was the youngest of five siblings growing up in Easton, PA. I married Sandy in 1965, was drafted to Fort Lewis, served in Vietnam, and used the GI Bill for an education. We adopted two Korean children when living in Minnesota. We now have two granddaughters.

My education is a BS in Ceramic Engineering (UW) and an MBA in Information Management (UPS).

I worked at 3M Company for eight years (research engineer & analyst) and at Boeing for 30 years (multiple positions) ending as team leader to address common industrial engineering processes across the Boeing enterprise.

My forte has been counseling or leading teams in finance, manufacturing, engineering, quality, and human resources to a successful solution for their situation.

Over the past few years, the Ocean Shores Food Bank has developed a much stronger infrastructure in delivery and technology which is important for longevity. I believe that the food bank’s future direction is maintaining the guidelines of our mission, vision, strategic plan, and regulatory requirements.

J. David Sandefur, President

Originally from Oklahoma, with 23 years in finance and banking in both Oklahoma and Washington, David brings his wealth experience to the Ocean Shores Food Bank.

Besides his MBA from City University, he has served two terms as President of Madill, Oklahoma Lion’s Club, has been an adjunct instructor in Real Estate for Murray State College in Oklahoma, an instructor in Real Estate Appraising for Clover Park Technical College, an instructor in Computer Applications for South Puget Sound Community College, as well as 17 years teaching in public schools in Washington teaching: Computer Applications, Marketing, Digital Design, Computer Science, Applied Math, Business Law, Computer A+ hardware and software.

David retired to Ocean Shores in 2016 after completing construction of his home in 2011, and after serving as a board member for several months in 2021, has now shouldered the position of Vice President.

Lorraine Hardin, Treasurer/Secretary


With a career in veterinary medicine, as a veterinary nurse and hospital manager, Lorraine is used to working with people who have very specific needs.

Lorraine Hardin brings years of budget and financial responsibility experience to the position of Treasurer of the Ocean Shores Food Bank, and looks forward to helping manage the continued health and growth of this essential organization.

The Food Bank gives her an opportunity to ensure people in our community are having their needs met without fail.

She also serves on the board of Stage West Community Theatre and directs live stage plays several times a year.

Sandy Harley, Executive Director

Sandy retired in 2010 as a Senior Vice President from KMS Financial Services Inc. in Seattle.

She and her husband, Bob, moved full time to Ocean Shores in 2014.

Sandy began work volunteer at the Ocean Shores Food Bank in 2015, and served on the Operations Committee.

In 2016, she became Assistant Director, and since 2017, has served as Executive Director.

Byron Canfield, IT Chair

Graphic artist, typographer, document production specialist, and basic computer nerd from the instant computers reared their ugly heads, Byron retired to Ocean Shores in 2017.

In late 2018, he was approached by then (and now) President, Bob Harley, with the idea of joining the board.

Byron accepted an appointment as a member of the board in early 2019, and then was elected to a 3-year term in 2020, shouldering a title as IT Chairman.

Since then, he's been juggling digital cats, trying to keep the Ocean Shores Food Bank website operational, managing email and document archiving for the organization, and generally trying to keep all the board members' computers happy and grinding along like the horrible little electronic beasts that they are.

Jerry Rugh, Operations Manager

Jerry began his career as a clerk in the Customer Service Department, aka the “Complaint Department,” at Sears Roebuck & Co. when their slogan was “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.” With this base, no matter who signed his paycheck, he built his career around the mantra, “People, no matter their station in life, deserve to be treated and valued with respect.”

In 2014, after fifty years building his career, he retired and, with his wife, moved to Ocean Shores, Washington.

In January 2016, his wife began volunteering at the Ocean Shores Food Bank. Before long, Jerry asked to take on a larger role, and ultimately as the Operations Manager.

“I love what I do,” he says. “There will come a time, though, when I am no longer capable of the physical and mental aspects of my volunteer work. Early in my career, I adopted a work style of ‘Working myself out of a job’, that is, to find my replacement so I can move on to the next issue. That is, for me, a current pursuit.

Wally Burton, Director

I graduated from Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in social work, spent 30 years in the commercial property casualty insurance industry, and finished my second career with Easter Seals in its SCSEP program assisting low-income seniors to secure employment.

Before moving to the Washington coast, I volunteered with Family Promise of Salt Lake and Catholic Community Services to provide food for homeless and refugee populations.

I retired and moved to Ocean Shores in January 2020 from the Salt Lake City area with my wife, Dianne.

I have been privileged to serve on the Ocean Shores Food Bank board of directors and volunteer on distribution days since 2020.

I am thankful to the Ocean Shores Food Bank for allowing me the opportunity to give back to this great community.

Jackie Fisher, Director

(Bio Pending)

Shelly Riley, Director


Shelly was raised in Ocosta Washington where she attended Ocosta High School. After graduating, she moved to the East Coast where her two children were born. She made her way back to the West Coast, raising her two children in Northern California.


In 2004 Shelly moved to Ocean Shores. Shelly has been working in the Financial Industry since 1987 and is currently a Branch Manager. She loves spending time with her two grandchildren, and family and enjoys giving back to this very generous and giving community.

The Ocean Shores Food Bank (OSFB) is governed by an active and engaged Board of Directors comprised of people, all of whom live in Ocean Shores. The Board oversees the Executive Director and helps raise funds to provide financial stability so the Food Bank can continue serving and caring for all our neighbors in need.

The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the meeting room in the library.  If you would like to see the Board in action, stop by!  Meetings start at 2:00 p.m. Many Board members volunteer at the Food Bank on Distribution Days and are always willing to stop and talk about what we do.

If you are interested in being on the OSFB Board, please fill out the Board Member Application and submit it to us by clicking on Board Member Application Form.

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