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Volunteer Testimonials

“I volunteer by tending the Ocean Shores Food Bank’s garden plots.  I love to garden…and my love is doubled knowing that what we grow, fresh produce, can feed many hungry people who use our food bank.”

— Kristin

“I am inspired by the teamwork and cheerfulness of the volunteer folks at OSFB.  I am personally rewarded by all the smiles, hugs and friendliness of our clients.  If I’m having a bad day, I just have to do something for the Food Bank to get over myself and get back to what really matters. . . serving others, serving my community, and giving something back.”

— Bob

“I feel privileged to be one of the many volunteers giving their personal time to serve the many clients of the OS Food Bank.  Each of us makes it our personal mission to make sure no one in our community goes hungry.  Volunteering at the OS Food Bank is not just about handing out food, it is building relationships with other volunteers and the clients we serve.  After retiring, I was floundering, and I found a purpose and fulfillment the minute I walked in the Ocean Shores Food Bank.  There is no better experience than to give of yourself in service to others.”

— Doug

“Selfishly the Ocean Shores Food Bank seemed like a good option for me to invest a few hours of my time per week. Better than sitting around bored with retirement life.  But once I started volunteering, not only did I find a community of friendly and selfless people, I also found the fulfillment of what I realized was missing from my life — purpose.  There are people in my community who have needs greater than I have ever experienced.  Now a “thank you” from a food bank patron evokes a “thank you” from me in return.  In my heart it is a “Thank you” for letting me invest my life in easing your anxiety over your family’s next meal.”

— Patricia

“Volunteering at the Ocean Shores food bank is like being part of a special family.  My husband and I want to be part of the OSFB’s outreach effort in our community.  We feel we are making a difference by providing not only food, but also a time to exchange a few kind words, give a hug, or a smile to a client.  In turn we are rewarded when we see the delight in a child’s face when an orange or a clump of grapes, or a box of strawberries is placed in their basket.  Volunteering gives me a sense of well-being, knowing that our clients will not be hungry.  As one of our clients said, “I was running on empty, but today, I have a full cupboard.  Thank you all for being here.”  These words make for a good day for us.”

— Becky


“I enjoy being a volunteer because I love helping anyone in need in whatever way that I can.  I love meeting all the people and working with all the volunteers.  Everyone is always happy, helpful and caring.  We all work together with great camaraderie.”

— Crystal

“I enjoy our clients and often meet them in IGA or Ace.  The volunteers are great and keep us all grounded.”

— Paul

“This is a great way to connect with others and forge a great connection with the community.  You meet great people when you volunteer.”

— Jim

“It is a great feeling to see our service towards others at the Food Bank change lives for the better.  In the three years I’ve volunteered at the food bank I’ve seen different programs added and grow, programs that not only feed our clients, but enrich their lives.”

— Mike

“When I work at the Food Bank, I feel like a part of the community.  Not just with the people I work with but also with the guests.  I know that for some people, this is their only social outlet. so I try and interact with them as much as possible, while still moving the line along.”

— Tom

“I became a volunteer soon after I moved here 3 years ago and have met the most amazing people that have made me feel more at home.  I have enjoyed the company of these great volunteers so much both at the Food Bank and outside of the Food Bank.  I feel very blessed in my life and that gives me a strong desire to serve those that may be less fortunate than I.  Selfishly, it is just a great feeling to be able to do this.  I make soup for one of the Food Bank’s distributions and schedule folks to also do that and to bring cookies for our clients once a month.  I love making the soup and I love visiting with the clients while they enjoy it.  Again, it just warms my heart to give back and serve those in need.  Basically, I have a lot of fun and enjoy serving members of our community.”

— Debbie

The Ocean Shores Food Bank knows that volunteers are the key to its success.
We see this everyday as OSFB volunteers help gather the food, raise the money, and feed the hungry.  The food bank is an all-volunteer organization, no one is paid.   We work together, enjoy each other’s company, and respect one-another, and we extend that sense of respect, and kindness to our guests/clients.

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