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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Plant Sale Raises over $3000

In spite of an unseasonable shower (an unseasonable shower in Ocean Shores – just who am I kidding?) local residents came out in droves for the Food Bank plant sale at Ocean Sunset Drug on June 13.

Many arrived early to get first dibs at the beautiful geranium creations of Anne Bock, one of Food Bank’s resident gardeners. (They did not leave disappointed!) A chance to mingle with friends and neighbors also made this a grand event, in addition to raising money to help feed the hungry. Thanks to all who attended for their support, good will and camaraderie!

Interview with Kathy Harris, Board Member and Event Coordinator:

Whose idea was it to have the Food Bank Plant Sale at Ocean Sunset Drug?

The idea came from one of our long time Food Bank volunteers, Suzie Robinson, who is also a key volunteer at the 8 garden beds that provide food for the Food Bank. She said, “Since we had to cancel our annual benefit (on April 18) due to COVID 19, what are we going to do with all of those plants? (We have two women Anne Bock and Barbara Patton who grow plants all year long for the benefit.) Why don’t we do a garage sale and sell them for the Food Bank?” Then I remembered that Ocean Sunset Drug had come on board this year as a major corporate sponsor for our annual benefit and had this lovely new facility with 150 feet of covered outdoor walkway. I approached them and was welcomed with open arms!

Where did you get the majority of plants?

Anne Bock raised 89 geranium plants and miscellaneous succulents, which were planted in unusual pots that she collected all year round. Barb Patton did a wide variety of indoor plants. We had an anonymous donor, who came from Pacific Beach, bringing all these wonderful vegetable starts. We reached out to all of Grays Harbor.

How much money do you think this is going to raise for the Food Bank?

We have high aspirations for several thousand dollars. We are really, really excited. The other thing that has been fabulous about the sale is getting out there and seeing people. We’re social distancing, with masks and hand sanitizer all over the place, and people are just willing to bump it up. A person came by and bought $59 worth of plants and rounded up at the cashier’s desk to $70. This is the kind of fabulous support the Food Bank has here in Ocean Shores! It’s a great community that we live in.


You too can help our many friends and neighbors in need. It’s easy, just click on the links below to donate or sign-up for our newsletter.

>>> OSFB DONATE TODAY – click: DONATE TODAY or send your check to Ocean Shores Food Bank, PO Box 1293, Ocean Shores, WA 98569.

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